Music has played a vital role in my life, giving me opportunities to travel and meet incredible people, and offering comfort in stressful times. Here you can find a sampling of some of my work.

Solo Artist

Lock With No Key

Lock With No Key is my first fully fledged project as a solo artist. I wanted to challenge myself to write, record, produce, mix, master, and publish a full EP entirely on my own. It's by far the most amount of work I've put into any musical project, but also by far the most fulfilling.

Song from Silhouette

My second EP, Song from Silhouette, is now streaming! This is a collection of four original songs, created by taking small bits of technical jargon and twisting and expanding them into something more human.

My music is available on:


Breakout! Nakanishi Quartet Live at Bird & Beckett

I've had the pleasure of working with saxophonist and composer Eric Nakanishi frequently over the course of my musical career. In November 2021, Eric performed two sets of original music at Bird & Beckett in San Francisco. I mixed and mastered the recordings from the concert into a full live album, a first for Eric and for myself.

Sounds of the Heart

I most recently collaborated with Eric on his sonically ambitious album "Sounds of the Heart", comprising music for solo saxophone and several duets.



My jazz orchestra debut; written to feature trumpeter Sean Jones. I wrote the melody during a rewatch of the Harry Potter saga. But the real wizard could be anybody...


One of my earlier small group originals, featuring vocalist Talia Khan. In writing this I was trying to capture some feelings of anxiety and disassociation that I had been experiencing.